Benneth Emeka Shares Trading Journey in FundedNext Interview

In an exclusive interview with FundedNext, Benneth Emeka, a trader from Nigeria, shared valuable insights into his trading journey.

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In an exclusive interview with FundedNext, Benneth Emeka, a seasoned trader from Nigeria, shared valuable insights into his trading journey and aspirations. Emeka, a mechanical engineering student in Northern Cyprus, discussed his path to trading success and his ultimate goal of making trading his primary source of income.

Emeka revealed that his interest in trading was sparked by observing successful traders on platforms like Telegram. Initially drawn to the potential gains, he soon realized the complexity of the market and the need for proper education. Despite initial losses, Emeka persevered and sought mentorship to refine his skills.

“I learned trading the hard way because I lost a lot in the beginning,” Emeka confessed. “But after investing in mentorship, I began to see trading in a different light.”

Benneth Emeka Shares Trading Journey in FundedNext Interview

Emeka emphasized the importance of finding the right mentor and highlighted the influence of prominent traders like The Trading Adit and Synthetic Indices Trader on his trading style. As an aggressive scalper, he focuses primarily on indices such as US30, leveraging break-and-retest strategies to capitalize on market movements.

Reflecting on his journey to profitability, Emeka acknowledged the initial challenges but noted that consistent learning and experience have led to sustained success. With a monthly profit of $200 in his first month of profitability, Emeka now aims to grow his trading account further and transition to full-time trading.

“My ultimate goal is to trade for a living,” Emeka stated. “I want trading to be my main source of income, providing financial stability and fulfillment.”

In offering advice to new traders, Emeka emphasized perseverance and the importance of mentorship. He urged aspiring traders never to give up and stressed the role of mentorship in accelerating their learning curve and minimizing losses.

Key Points

  • Benneth Emeka, a Nigerian trader, aims to make trading his primary income, sharing insights with FundedNext.
  • Initially drawn by successful traders on platforms like Telegram, Emeka stressed the importance of education and mentorship after early losses.
  • Utilizing break-and-retest strategies, Emeka focuses on aggressive scalping, which is influenced by traders like The Trading Adit.
  • Despite challenges, Emeka achieved profitability, with a $200 monthly profit in his first month, aiming for further growth.
  • Emeka advises new traders to persevere and seek mentorship, which is essential for accelerating learning and minimizing losses in trading.

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