Andrew Sturgis, TFT Trader, Shares Insights in Interview!

In an exclusive interview, Andrew Sturgis reveals the secrets behind his successful trading journey with The Funded Trader (TFT).

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In an exclusive interview, Andrew Sturgis, a seasoned trader based in Texas, reveals the secrets behind his successful trading journey and the transition to trading with The Funded Trader (TFT). Sturgis, with over 12 years of trading experience, shared valuable insights into his approach, challenges, and future goals.

Sturgis, driven by his interest in entrepreneurship and the pursuit of additional income streams, delved into trading in 2011. After exploring various trading avenues, he found his footing in Forex trading and developed a robust strategy, focusing on simplicity and key levels of support and resistance.

Sturgis, intrigued by the gamified experience TFT offered, decided to join the prop firm. While admitting initial skepticism, he appreciated the structured rules and the gamification aspect, likening it to a challenging yet enjoyable game.

Andrew Sturgis, TFT Trader, Shares Insights in Interview

Sturgis emphasizes the importance of keeping trading simple and maintaining a disciplined approach. His preference for treating each currency as an individual entity rather than a pair highlights his focus on fundamental analysis and currency strengths or weaknesses.

Highlighting the significance of risk management, Sturgis follows a 1% risk per trade strategy. His ability to view trading with TFT as a game and not tying personal financial stress to it allows him to trade with a level-headed mindset.

Sturgis leans towards swing trading in his personal accounts, holding trades for several days. However, when engaging with prop firms, he adapts his strategy to meet their specific requirements, aiming for quicker challenges and funded accounts.

The seasoned trader underscores the importance of simplicity in trading, cautioning against the temptation of overly complex strategies. Sturgis believes that understanding key support and resistance levels forms the foundation of successful trading.

Key Points

  • Texas trader Andrew Sturgis shares exclusive insights from his 12+ years of experience.
  • Intrigued by TFT’s gamification, Sturgis finds joy in structured rules and a challenging yet enjoyable trading “game.”
  • Sturgis stresses the importance of simplicity, discipline, and understanding support and resistance levels in trading.
  • With a 1% risk-per-trade strategy, Sturgis treats trading as a game to maintain a level-headed mindset and avoid financial stress.
  • While a fan of swing trading personally, Sturgis tailors his strategy for prop firms, seeking quicker challenges and funded accounts.

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