Alican Ozcan Shares Trading Wisdom in Interview with FundedNext

In a recent exclusive interview with FundedNext, accomplished Turkish trader Alican Ozcan provided valuable insights into his journey.

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In a recent exclusive interview with FundedNext, accomplished Turkish trader Alican Ozcan provided valuable insights into his successful trading journey and strategies. Despite his dual roles as a project manager for a major airport and a dedicated trader, Ozcan shared the secrets behind his consistent success in the financial markets.

Hailing from Adana, Turkey, Ozcan discussed his background and the challenges he faced when transitioning between full-time trading and his project management role. With a focus on the New York session, Ozcan detailed his preferred currency pairs, including Euro/USD, Gold/USD, GBP/USD, HF/USD, and Japanese Yen/USD.

Alican Ozcan Shares Trading Wisdom in Interview with FundedNext

Moreover, as a meticulous technical trader, Ozcan emphasized the importance of order blocks and breaker candles in identifying potential trade setups. He walked through a specific trade on GBP/USD from July 27, highlighting his approach to recognizing order blocks, fair value gaps, and changes in market structure on lower timeframes.

Known for his expertise in reversal trading, Ozcan shared his risk management strategy, targeting high-probability entry points with an impressive risk-reward ratio of at least 1:5. He also touched on his continuous learning process, incorporating concepts from renowned traders like Phantom and aspiring to evolve into a trend-following trader.

This exclusive interview with Alican Ozcan offers traders valuable insights into disciplined trading, risk management, and the pursuit of knowledge. FundedNext continues to support and showcase skilled traders like Ozcan, underscoring the importance of adaptability and strategic thinking in the dynamic world of financial markets.

Key Points

  • Alican Ozcan, Turkish trader and project manager, effectively balances dual roles.
  • Strategic focus on key currency pairs during the New York session.
  • Proficient in reversal trading with disciplined risk management.
  • Continuous learning, integrating concepts from traders like Phantom.
  • An inspirational success story for traders managing diverse responsibilities.

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