18-Year-Old Trader Achieves Success with The5ers

In a recent interview with The5ers, 18-year-old trader Luca M. from New Zealand revealed his success story as a funded trader.

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In a recent interview with The5ers, 18-year-old trader Luca M. from New Zealand revealed his success story as a funded trader. Having scaled his initial $30,000 High-Stakes account and received two payouts totalling $3,630, Luca is now on a mission to reach a 10% profit and further scale his account to $40,000.

Luca attributes a significant part of his success to his mental and psychological perspective on trading. He views losses as a business expense, allowing him to move forward in his trading career while acknowledging the inevitability of setbacks. Luca has developed a strict discipline to avoid overtrading and over-leveraging, drawing inspiration from habits like going to the gym and building a strong foundation for personal growth.

18-Year-Old Trader Achieves Success with The5ers

18-Year-Old Trader from New Zealand Achieves Success with The5ers

When asked about his strategy to pass The5ers’ evaluation, Luca shared that his main approach remains quick scalping moves that capitalize on internal liquidity voids. He waits for external liquidity sweeps, identifies key levels, and looks for confirmation of a Break of Structure before entering positions on the 1-minute chart. Luca focuses on internal liquidity voids like Fair Value Gaps and Imbalances, aiming to capitalize on the next Draw on Liquidity.

Reflecting on the difference between trading for The5ers and trading independently, Luca highlighted the capital provided by The5ers as a crucial factor that allowed him to elevate his trading to the next level. The firm’s measures also help him maintain a strict and disciplined approach to trading.

Also, for newcomers joining The5ers, Luca emphasizes the importance of mental toughness and a constant presence in the market. He advises aspiring traders to approach the game with consistency and a realistic understanding that trading is not an easy endeavour.

So, Luca’s journey to consistency took him into his third year of trading, with the second year marking a turning point where he started to see consistent profits. The key aspect he changed was taking trading more seriously, dedicating consistent effort, and maintaining a strong work ethic by studying the craft and always seeking to learn and improve.

Key Points

  • Luca M., 18, from New Zealand, scaled his $30,000 account with The5ers, earning $3,630.
  • Luca’s success stems from viewing losses as a business expense and maintaining strict discipline.
  • His strategy involves quick scalping moves, focusing on internal liquidity voids like Fair Value Gaps.
  • The5ers’ capital and discipline support were crucial to Luca’s trading success.
  • Luca also advises newcomers to approach trading with mental toughness and consistency.

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