Trader Carlos Villalva Shares Winning Strategy on FundedNext 

Part-time trader and civil engineer Carlos Villalva unveils his profitable trading strategy with FundedNext, showcasing impressive results.

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In a recent interview, Carlos Villalva, a skilled part-time trader and civil engineer hailing from Ecuador, shared insights into his successful trading strategy with FundedNext. Mr. Villalva has been actively trading for the past few months, showcasing remarkable results with a win rate of around 70-73%.

Carlos, as he is known within the trading community, provided a detailed breakdown of his strategy during the interview conducted by Mr. Simon. The trader emphasized his preference for trading indices, particularly the US30 and NASDAQ, leveraging a strategy that focuses on price action and scalping.

Trader Carlos Villalva Shares Winning Strategy on FundedNext 

The key elements of Carlos’ strategy involve identifying a specific time range during the New York session, analyzing price action, and determining entry points based on the breaking of predefined highs or lows. He adopts a disciplined approach, aiming for a 1:3 risk-reward ratio in each trade.

Moreover, Carlos stressed the importance of sticking to a successful strategy and advised fellow traders to avoid impulsive decisions that may lead to revenge trading. He also highlighted the significance of maintaining a disciplined and confident mindset to navigate through losses and challenges.

Mr. Villalva also expressed satisfaction with FundedNext, commending its tight spreads and efficient order execution. He credited the platform for contributing to his trading success and lauded the support provided by FundedNext’s team.

So, as the interview concluded, Carlos Villalva offered encouragement to struggling traders, urging them to stick to what works and avoid unnecessary modifications to successful strategies. 

Key Points

  • Ecuadorian trader Carlos Villalva shared his FundedNext success.
  • With a 70-73% win rate, he focuses on indices like US30 and NASDAQ.
  • Villalva’s strategy includes New York session entry points.
  • He maintains a 1:3 risk-reward ratio, advising discipline.
  • Satisfied with FundedNext, he credits tight spreads and efficient execution.

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