TFT Trader Rony Achieves Milestone with $10,000+ Profit!

In an exclusive interview with TFT (The Funded Trader), they had the privilege of hosting Rony Ngowa Ziro, a skilled trader from Kenya.

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In an exclusive interview with TFT (The Funded Trader), they had the privilege of hosting Rony Ngowa Ziro, a skilled trader from Kenya. He recently reached an impressive milestone of $10,000 in profits. 

Rony, hailing from Nairobi, embarked on his trading venture in early 2018. His initial exposure to binary options, guided by a friend, didn’t yield the desired results, leading him to a brief hiatus. However, his passion for trading reignited when he joined a trading community during his college years.

Sharing his journey, Rony mentioned his exploration of various trading concepts and mentors, acknowledging the influence of the renowned trader ICT. Rony persevered, driven by the motivation for financial independence and the freedom to pursue his passion for music.

TFT Trader Rony Achieves Milestone with $10,000+ Profit

A seasoned bassist and drummer, Rony emphasized the unique appeal of trading, offering a blend of financial gains and time flexibility. His commitment to balancing both worlds led him to adopt disciplined habits. This included a structured daily routine and a focus on physical well-being.

Rony’s turning point came with the realization that trading success is deeply rooted in psychology. Inspired by Mark Douglas’s “Trading in the Zone,” he learned to embrace a probabilistic mindset and developed a systematic approach to trading.

Reflecting on his failures, Rony candidly admitted to blowing multiple accounts, each contributing valuable lessons. He highlighted the importance of listening to mentors and embracing essential trading principles. He believes could have expedited his journey to consistency.

In a unique approach to journaling, Rony records his trades by documenting his analysis process. Backtesting and forward-testing strategies have become integral to refining his approach and gaining clarity in his trading decisions. As a swing trader primarily focused on gold, Rony incorporates fundamental analysis, paying close attention to economic data from Australia, a key player in the gold market.

Key Points

  • TFT Trader Rony Ngowa Ziro recently achieved a significant milestone with over $10,000 in profits.
  • Hailing from Nairobi, Rony started his trading journey in 2018, initially exploring binary options with limited success.
  • Despite challenges like capital limitations, Rony persevered, motivated by financial independence and his passion for music.
  • Rony, a seasoned bassist and drummer, emphasizes the unique blend of financial gains and time flexibility trading offers.
  • Inspired by Mark Douglas’s “Trading in the Zone,” Rony’s turning point came with embracing a probabilistic mindset.

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