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The E8 Leaderboard and E8 ANOVO features set a new standard for prop firms.

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E8 Funding remains committed to empowering traders with the latest technologies and resources necessary to thrive in a competitive landscape as the prop industry evolves. The E8 Leaderboard and E8 ANOVO feature set a new standard for prop firms, facilitating transparency and pursuing excellence among its traders.

E8 Leaderboard and E8 ANOVO

Let’s take a deeper look into these features:

E8 LEADERBOARD – Experience the Thrill and Get Inspired.

E8 Leaderboard is a live leaderboard showcasing the elite performers of all of E8 Funding’s traders. You will be able to receive information such as record-breaking withdrawals, lightning-fast completion of evaluations, and impressive risk-reward and win ratio performing traders.

Through the E8 Leaderboard, traders can benchmark their performance against their peers and gain inspiration from the success of top-performing individuals. This dynamic and interactive feature encourages healthy competition and fosters a supportive trading community. This knowledge sharing and skill development are paramount.

E8 ANOVO – Analysis of Volume Tool

E8 ANOVO is a revolutionary tool that E8 Funding has provided to their traders, allowing them to analyze trading volumes in-depth. This gives traders an edge. Analyzing trading volumes is valuable for traders, as it offers essential information about market activity and participant behavior. Traders can better understand market sentiment by understanding the ebb and flow of trading volumes. They can identify potential reversals or breakouts and better gauge market liquidity.

This revolutionary tool provides an in-depth analysis of their trading volumes, giving you an edge over the market. Discover how top traders make moves and take your trading game to the NEXT LEVEL!

ANOVO offers advanced analytics and real-time market data. With E8 ANOVO, you can access real-time market data and customizable alerts to stay on top of your trades. It’s the perfect solution for traders looking to improve their strategies and maximize profits.


  • E8 Funding is committed to empowering traders with the latest technologies and resources for success in the prop industry.
  • The E8 Dashboard and E8 ANOVO feature set a new standard for prop firms, offering transparency and facilitating excellence among traders.
  • E8 Leaderboard showcases top-performing traders, providing inspiration and the opportunity to benchmark personal performance against peers.
  • E8 ANOVO is a revolutionary volume analysis tool that gives traders an edge by offering insights into market activity and participant behavior.

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